June – Sacred Vocations Month

Jesus taught that “every good tree bears good fruit” (Matthew 7:17).  May the families of our Polish National Catholic Church become more like such good trees, deeply rooted in the Holy Spirit, drawing their collective life from Jesus so that each branch will steadily grow in the ways of true discipleship and bear much fruit for God, some of the sweetest of which are vocations to the priesthood and diaconate.


As we now approach the end of a quickly passing Easter Season and rush headlong into the summer months, it seems that we cannot help but pause from time to time to contemplate the beauty of God’s creation now sprung fully into life.  It is right and good to do so, lifting up hearts that are grateful to God for all that he is doing right before our eyes.  This is also a most appropriate moment to glance inwardly and honestly evaluate whether the seeds of this year’s discipleship renewal have also come to life and are beginning to bear greater fruit for the Lord through his holy Church.  While we must do this as individuals, we can and should also do this together as parishes, Church organizations and most especially within our own families, because there is definitely such a thing as family discipleship.

What sort of things make up family discipleship? Well…everything!   Yes, everything and anything that the family does is an expression of their discipleship.  Of course, this presumes that Jesus is recognized as the most important member of every Christian family and is invited to participate in each aspect of the family’s common life.   A few simple ways to extend the invitation to Jesus include praying together before meals–whether at home or in a restaurant; displaying images of the Lord, his Mother (his greatest disciple) and the Saints (our discipleship role models) in our homes and paying them special respect; praying the Rosary together each evening; and most especially attending and participating at Holy Mass together each weekend and on Holy Days.  Then, rooted in these sources of spiritual strength, the family members together express their collective discipleship through service to others in different ways such as volunteering at a soup kitchen, collecting items for food banks throughout the year and helping out in charitable outreach projects within their own parish.  While it is definitely important for all of us to engage in such endeavors individually, it is a particularly beautiful and powerful witness to Jesus when families embrace their discipleship like this together.

Another important way by which family discipleship takes shape is through encouraging vocations to the ordained ministry.  While this is naturally done when families make their relationship with Jesus of the greatest importance, families can also actively work to help create a culture of respect for the clergy.  Parents can role model the reverence that all of us should have for our clergy and the important work that they do for our Church, by speaking well of their bishops, priests and deacons and by extending simple gestures of appreciation to them and their own families—we can’t forget them!—from time to time. Such family to family gestures can have a lasting impact.

Of course, prayer plays an important part in this aspect of family discipleship, as members together ask the Lord to strengthen their clergy as they serve God by ministering in the Church.  Perhaps each morning, parents can offer “A Parents’ Prayer for their Children’s Vocations” and help their children recite “A Prayer for Discerning my Personal Vocation.”  Maybe after family dinner each day, they can all pray the “A Polish National Catholic Prayer for Vocations,” asking the Lord to provide more clergy for the Church.
Finally, parents can teach their children, from their earliest years, to ask God daily what He wants them to be when they grow up and help them start to imagine the ways they can live out their discipleship with Jesus every day.  Of course, every family should encourage their men – of all ages – to discern whether the Holy Spirit might be calling them to serve as a priest or deacon in the Church, help them to recognize a call to the ordained ministry as a gift from God and an admirable and worthwhile pathway to walk in this life, and offer the loving support they need to be able to respond to the Lord’s call, telling them just how proud they would be to have a priest or deacon come from their family!


Serdecznie witamy na stronie internetowej parafii pod wezwaniem Świętej Trójcy, Polskiego Narodowego Katolickiego Kościoła w Kanadzie.

Zapewne różnimy się od siebie, ale przyświęca nam jeden i ten sam cel, którym jest nasze zbawienie! Spotykamy się w czasie sprawowania liturgii, ale i także po niej w naszej sali parafialnej, aby dzielić się radością wiary i przebywania ze sobą. Każdy w naszej wspólnocie jest mile widziany, każdy wnosi do niej swoje bogactwo.

Teraz mamy okazję, by spotkać się również z Tobą indywidualnie w tym wirtualnym świecie.

Jeśli jesteś członkiem naszej parafii,  to  pamiętaj,  że  dzięki  Tobie  jest  ona  bogatsza!  

Jeżeli  zaś  jesteś  Gościem, to miej świadomość, że jesteś mile widziany i że chcemy się z Tobą podzielić tym, co przeżywamy.


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